Cooling Equipment Technologies, Inc., is an engineering company with emphasis in design, installation, manufacturing and sales of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation products and projects for Latin America and the Caribbean. Our offices are located in Miami, Fl. USA, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We coordinate and direct all our operations from these two strategic locations that provide easy access to the entire region.

Our team of professionals has an outstanding technical level that reaches a combined level of expertise that surpasses 100 years in all the different engineering specialties related with HVAC & R.

Our areas of expertise deal with every aspect of the HVAC & R business, from design of projects to supply of products, installation, testing, commissioning, and after sales maintenance service of the following applications and equipment:

HVAC & R: Large commercial and industrial chiller plants, air handling units, water sourced heat pumps, fan coil units, pumps, commercial and residential packaged and split units.
Cooling Towers: Sizing, selection, and installation of commercial and industrial applications.
Air Distribution: Ventilation, contaminants control, pneumatic transportation, fabric or metal ducts, diffusers, and grilles.
Air Extraction: Commercial and industrial exhaust fan applications.
Boilers and Pumps: High pressure steam boilers, low pressure hot water boilers, pumps, control panels, water treatment plants and heating with thermal fluids.
Energy Recovery: Desuperheaters plate heat exchangers, enthalpy wheels and solar panels.
Building Management Systems: BMS hardware programming and installation. Programmable logic controllers, sensors and control switches.
Industrial Refrigeration: Ammonia systems, cold storages and freezer rooms.
Commercial Refrigeration: Food and beverage display and storage, restaurant and supermarket equipment.

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